Friday, March 4, 2011


Well it’s Happy #9 for my baby!

dang there popped up another grey hair!

Robby is our #5 and has brought far more joy into our family than I ever thought possible. For one, he says the most random things…


(age 4 in the car)
I hear him sniff deeply then say “mmm smells good”,

another sniff, “mmmm yummy”,

sniff, “mmm smells like hot dogs!”

me: uhm, Robby, what smells like hot dogs?



In science, he couldn’t say organism. He proudly thought he could. And liked telling people he learned a new big word.


“mom, I loooove you”

I love you too honey

Well I REALLY love you, it’s not like you love me and I don’t love you back. I loooooooove you”


“Stacey (disabled sister) is boring”

what do you mean?

“well she can’t do tricks”

Tricks? like what?

“like stand on one foot or hop. She’s more like having a doll than a sister and I’m a boy, playing with dolls is odd.”


Our friends last name is hard to say, but he decided “Burpfume” fit them fine.


“I love you with all my heart mommy”

I love you more buddy”

*pouty face*

Whats wrong hunny?

It’s not fair, You will always win cuz your heart is bigger. I want to love you more for once!


Oh I love my sweet boy! Praying his 9th year will be full of fun and adventure and all the love his incredibly tender and full heart can handle!
this look pretty much sums him up!
he loves food!!
The day after new stucco went on the house, he wrote a love note to us…. in MUD! heehee… we loved him right back!
He is such a goof!
He loves to take me on dates, and make me eat and wear weird things… I love it!!

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