Thanks for popping in! I hope you're comfy and have some mocha and popcorn! Those are required blog reading supplies don't you know?! 

22 years. Yep, that's how long I've been married to Handyman. The guy can seriously fix, build, modify anything. For Reals. I had a blow dryer from my single days, that he fixed many many times and it lasted me 17 years into our marriage! Good golly it was a huge, brown, heavy, loud blow dryer and I hated it. One morning when it started sparking I did a celebratory happy dance, promptly ran to buy a new compact, cute, light and quiet one and buried that old thing in the trash just in time for the trash truck to come by!

We've been married more than half my life! He comes in handy for more than fixing things... he makes things too... like kids! Five of them and that alone makes us all-together crazy! Our oldest is married with 2 step daughters, giving me the proud title of Gramma! We have a son who graduated with a degree in Biblical Theology! Super excited to see what's next for him! Our Middle is 15 and serves her heart out in our church's children's programs. Numba four, Stacey is the focus of this blog so you'll get to know her a lot more!! Last but surely not least, is our Robbykins. He brings us great joy, humor and tenderness! God also choose to give us an unexpected number six but for some reason beyond our grasp, choose to take him from us after only 15 weeks under my heart. He'll be in it forever. 

I'm mostly your ordinary chicka... I love Jesus and He is the source of my joy! I stay at home with the kids, search for the elusive bottom of the laundry baskets and sometimes for the carpet in the kid's rooms. I home school our kids, and managed to graduate 2 so far and no one was throat punched in the process! I change diapers, pick noses, and hide in the bathroom like any other mom!  I own and run a Birth Doula and Childbirth Education business and have been abundantly blessed by being too busy and having to scale back as we adjust to changes in Stacey's schooling and program. S'mores make me happy as does the smell of a fire pit, playing cards, mocha, buttery popcorn and bare feet. My socks never match and I often forget to shave the second leg. There ya have it. Normal is over rated. 

This blog has yet to be fine tuned and focused so get your seat belts on, it's going to be a crazy ride! Stacey is 14 now and we are entering a new phase with her. She will be leaving school to be taught at home, enrolled in an intense program to help build new pathways in her brain, and balancing the skills of a preschooler with the hormones of a teenager!

So, welcome, enjoy, and we'd love to hear kind words from ya. =)

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